Spicy Garlic Dip

Spicy Garlic Dip

Spicy Garlic Dip

I love garlic flavor. I made garlic flavored dishes. I must say I do not know to cook without garlic. It is good taste wise and for its antiseptic properties. My all time favorites are Garlic Bread, Garlic Powder, Garlic Rice, Pundu Kuzhambhu and many more. This is a super spicy dish and it is not recommended for kids. However it taste is super spicy and has the yummiest garlic flavor with a hotness of red chilly and pleasant curry leaves smell.

Wait! before looking at the recipe let me give you tips on its accompaniments, It tastes heavenly with grilled chicken and chicken tikka. I love to have this with sour raw mango too. Slurp!!

25 pods of peeled medium sized garlic
10 long red chilly
handful of curry leaves
salt as per taste

Spicy Garlic Dip

Just grind the garlic, curry leaves, salt and red chilly to a coarse paste.
No water should be added.
The super hot tasty garlic dip is ready to be relished.

Spicy Garlic Dip

Tinku Shaji

Tinku Shaji holds a bachelor of engineering in food engineering whose major interest is developing new recipes, food styling and food photography.

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