Kinder Garden Brunch Box Ideas

Hello all.. This is not a recipe post instead recipe hunter post. My little one has begun his school and I am literally wondering ideas of his brunch box series. Many blogs have lunch series and school box series which makes regular rice, roti dishes which kinder garden kids cannot manage. Here in his school only dry filling snacks are allowed and I am keeping this post sticky for all combos I am planning to give.

Please pour in your ideas and recipes too. Please suggest quick recipes as it is the busy morning I will be rushing through. Today is his 3rd day to school and the following is what I have given. Parents of tiny tots can make this post a journal.

Day 1: Bread butter jam- triangles ; Peeled cubed apple ; Pineapple cream biscuits
Day 2: Carrot Paniyaram - 4 nos ; Peeled cubed mango ; Chocolate Wafers
Day 3: Potato tikkies-2 nos ; Peeled cubed Guava; 50:50 Biscuits
Day 4: Breadizza:2 slices (squared) ; Peeled cubed apples; Pineapple cream biscuits
Day 5: French Fries (purely homemade); Banana Chips ; Apples peeled and cubed
Day 6: Wheat Cake Paniyaram; Carrot Paniyaram ; Carrot Strips

To make them eat all the above are attractively shaped and sized for easy pick and chew. I shall do take pictures from tomorrow on arranging in his dubba. 

Some tips: Wash fruits with warm salted water, then peel them and cube them.
Never pack hot ingredients in box as it will sweat and make dish soggy.
Please give your ideas in adding to list.

Tinku Shaji

Tinku Shaji holds a bachelor of engineering in food engineering whose major interest is developing new recipes, food styling and food photography.


  1. Nice to know your little one is going to school! Congratulation on that milestone! There are many healthy lunch box ideas in bento boxes posted by many bloggers. Check for a lot of cute lunches.

    1. Thanks for the link. :)


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