Bar Chocolate

Bar Chocolate

After my first attempt on making chocolate pieces, I now went ahead with the Bar Chocolate. I am planning for more versions to come. When it comes to Home made chocolate recipe its hard to get the perfect recipe. Many people have their own proportions and their own secrets. I have made this after 3 trial and I would love to mention the plus and minus I found in this.

1. Trial 1 with coconut oil and powdered sugar : RESULT (Texture good, feel very good but coconut oil smell dominates.
2. Trial 2 with butter, taste and feel good but chocolate not stiff as when done with coconut oil
3. Trial 3 with icing sugar and vegetable shortening, all good. 

Icing Sugar-300 g
Milk Powder- 10 tbsp
Cocoa Powder- 10 tbsp
Vegetable shortening- 300g


Heat some water in a vessel, place Veg shortening in another vessel.
Place the veg shortening in the water bath and melt it. Keep it warm.
In a bowl sieve cocoa powder, milk powder, sugar and mix them.
Add them slowly to the warm shortening and mix to make a lump free mix.
Pour it on a tray and put it in the fridge (not freezer).
Chocolate will set within 30 minutes.
Break a piece and enjoy.
Tip: Try to pour as thin layer on the right image. If the mix is too thick like in the yellow tray pic, chocolate will be chunky but the taste is good. If you want a thin layer add little melted veg shortening to make it to pouring consistency.
Initially I use 250 g of veg shortening and the mix was too thick hence I added 50 ml more.


  1. Very interesting bar ! Yummy...

  2. good research work!I'm a big fan of dark chocolates...

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Gowtham :) It was very tasty

  4. wow homemade choco bars.. yummy !!

  5. love it anytime. Very interesting and wonderful chocolate bar.

  6. nice try dear book marking ,will let u know after i make

  7. loved the way u prepared it, I am not a fan of chocolates but yes ideal recipe to follow for those who love to eat choclolates

  8. Yummy homemade chocolate. Looks so good.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Hi Tinku.. Excuse my ignorance, but what is vegetable shortening?


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