Chickoo Milk Shake | Sapota (Zapota) Milk Shake

Chickoo Milk Shake | Sapota (Zapota) Milk Shake

Are you one of the parent like me wondering how to make the little ones comsume milk? Are you a milk hater yourself? Then stop worrying. Taste this Chickoo Milk Shake once and you will just not resist having them. The Chickoo Milkshake tatses better than a Chocolate Milk Shake. I regret not making this for this long.

Chickoo | Sapota | Zapota - 500 g
Sugar- 5 tbsp
Cold Milk- 1 Litre


Wash, peel and remove seeds from sapota.
Place it in a blender.
Add sugar, cold milk and blend to a smooth milkshake.
Serve chilled.


  1. this looks so yum.. one of my fav.. I miss this badly here

  2. I used to make this very often during summers... love them. This looks gr8 and yummmmm


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