Milaga Bhaji | Banana Pepper Fritters

Milaga Bhaji | Banana Pepper Fritters

Milaga Bhaji | Banana Pepper Fritters

On a rainy day when we get back home after work a hot cup of tea a steaming hot Milaga Bhajji a seat in the balcony viewing the heavy rain. How would that be??? Awesome right.. Even I miss rains now a days. Milaga Bhaji is a yummy snack made with "Bhaji Milaga" called the Banana Pepper marinated in a batter made of Besan.


Besan/Roasted Gram- 200 g
Chilly Powder- 1 tsp
Salt- as per taste
Banana Pepper- 6
Water- 150 ml
Baking soda- 1/2 tsp
Oil for deep Frying.


Milaga Bhaji | Banana Pepper Fritters

Milaga Bhaji | Banana Pepper Fritters

Wash and pat dry Banana Peppers.
Slit them into 2 as shown in the picture and set aside.
In a bowl make a batter of besan, chilly powder, salt, baking powder, water.
The batter should be lump free.
Now heat oil in a kadai.
When the oil is well heated just dip the Banana pepper in the batter and slide it to the hot oil.
Let the batter become crisp and golden brown.
Remove from oil and serve hot with Tomato Chilly Sauce.

Milaga Bhaji | Banana Pepper Fritters

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  1. Oh these r called banana peppers, for a while in pics i was searching where is banana's hehe :D Lovely crispy bhajjis

    1. LOL.. yeh they are called banana pepper. Thanks :-)

  2. perfectly make, i must have it

  3. This one is my fav. milagai bajji looks awesome!

  4. believe me..i love these..u doen very well.

  5. love these hot bhaji's any time :) looks so very delicious and tempting me badly :)

  6. It's a delightful thought of sipping a hot cup of tea and munching on some of these bhaji's.. Nice recipe Tinku.. Bhaji's look mouth-watering :-)

  7. One of my favs from the beach side.. Looks yum :)


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