Unnie Appam | Sweet Paniyaram

Unnie Appam


Unniyappam is a traditional Kerala Snack and who cannot love it!? Its my all time favorite and we use to eat as kids when our amma makes it hot and steaming for us. If you have not yet tasted it, its high time you try it out with the recipe below.
Instead of packed and deep fried snacks with loads of MSG, artificial flavors and preservatives lets give our tradition home made snacks for our kids.


Raw Rice- 1 kg
Jaggery- 1.25 kg
Pappad (unroasted)- 5
Salt- a pinch
Water- 1 cup + 1 cup
Cardamom powder- 1 tsp
Banana- 1 (optional)
Water- to soak rice
Oil- for deep frying


Unnie Appam

Unnie Appam
  • Soak raw rice for 2 hours and drain and keep aside.
  • Grind raw rice in a wet grinder with just 1 cup of water initially.
  • When the rice is half ground add broken pieces of jaggery. (break jaggery into small pieces).
  • Once jaggery get fully blended to the rice add soaked papad (soak papad in 1 cup water for 30 minutes).
  • NOTE: After adding jaggery batter will start becoming runny, so add less water while grinding rice.
  • Add a pinch of salt and cardamom powder finally to the smooth batter.
  • Heat a paniyaram kal in a kadai.
  • Pour oil in the dents.
  • Pour batter in each dents.
  • Let one side become crisp.
  • Turn around using a skewer and let other side become crisp too.
  • Remove from oil and let it drain the excess oil as shown in the pic.
  • Serve hot...... YIELD: 60 APPAMS
Unnie Appam
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  1. love paniyaram, simply superb...

  2. Wow! Looks irresistible.. Loved it Tinku :-)

  3. i love uni appam but using papad is something very new to me..'ll try it once

  4. Slurp, wish i get some appams rite now,drooling here.

  5. Superb unnie appam, very tempting and luscious.

    today's post:

  6. Ahh, u r tempting me.. It's one of my all time favs :) Perfectly made..

  7. looks yummy.... I too made it today but with slight difference,,


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