Sweet Rice

Sweet Rice

Sweet Rice

I got to taste this sweet rice from my colleague who bought this as a "Prasadham". It was so delish. This is not the regular Sakkara Pongal because there is no dhall in the recipe. Let me explain the recipe to you in detail. The taste of the dish is that, rice should be perfectly cooked and it gets hard when boiling in syrup.


Raw Rice- 500 g
Water- 1 litre
Salt- a pinch
Jaggery- 1 kg (you can adjust as per your preference)
Water- 1/2 cup (For syrup)
Ghee- 1 cup
Cashew- 1/2 cup
Dry Grapes (Raisins)- 1/2 cup
Elachi (Cardamon) Powder- 1 tsp

Sweet Rice
 Sweet Rice

Sweet Rice
  • In a pressure cooker, cook rice with 1 litre water (1:2) for just 2 or 3 whistles.
  • Let the rice be non sticky.
  • Keep the rice aside.
  • Heat a kadai with ghee and fry cashew and raisins seperately till crisp and set this too aside.
  • Take a heavy bottom pan (preferably a cooker pan) and add 1/2 cup water.
  • When water begins to boil add 1 kg jaggery and simmer the flame.
  • Keep stirring till all jaggery is melted.
  • Then keep high flame and boil till you reach 1 string consistency.
  • To check 1 string consistency take a drop of syrup and pull it in between finger to see 1 string as shown in the pic. (beginners take care not to burn your fingers while doing this. )
  • Now filter the syrup and keep aside.
  • Take the pressure cooker with rice add cashew, syrup, raisins, ghee and mix well then place it on fire till syrup thickens.
  • Yummy Sweet rice is all ready to serve.
Sweet Rice
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  1. wow ! wud just lokve to have one bowl of that now...soo tempting. feel free to do drop by my space too when you get the time.

  2. Looks too good and awesome.. I love this a lot Tinku :-)

  3. wow tempting...I just want to have a spoon full of sweet rice...Will definitely give a try

  4. Sweet rice looks droolworthy,my all time favourite..

  5. I too make this the same way ;) Tasty & healthy too !!


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