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May 7, 2013

My first Giveaway

Hello all. I would like to thank all my friends and fellow bloggers for your support and lovely comments that make me and my blog what it is today. Without you all it would not have happened. So I am hitting my 6 th month of blogging on June 12. I started my blog on 12/12/12. So I wish to celebrate this well with you all.

This event will run from May 12 th 2013 to June 12 th 2013. 3 winners will be chosen and will be given the giveaway.


Flipkart e-gift vouchers worth Rs 500/- each to 3 winners.

Winners will be chosen through There are certain guidelines to be followed to be eligible for the giveaway. They are:
  1. Subscribe to Daily Chores (and do not forget to activate your subscription). (Mandatory)
  2. Follow me on Google Plus. (Mandatory)
  3. Like Daily Chores on Facebook. (Mandatory)
  4. Mention about the giveaway with the logo on your Facebook timeline. (Mandatory)
  5. Pin Daily Chores on Pinterest (Ignore if you do not have an account).
  6. Follow me through Network Blog. (Mandatory)
  7. Write a post about the giveaway on your blog along with the logo and mention your link. (Mandatory)
You can find the subscription tab, Google plus tab, network blog tab on the left side of my blog and Pinterest tab and Facebook like tab on the right side of my blog.

Once your done with the above mentioned guidelines please mention in the comments the following details:

Subscribed: (Y/N)
Google Plus Name:
Facebook Name:
Pinterest Name: 
The giveaway URL on your blog:

I will personally verify each entry. Kindly comment using your mail id. The winners will be announced on June 20 th 2013. The winners will be announced here.

PS: Voucher valid in India only.


  1. Hi Tinku

    Here's the blog post announcement link


  2. Hi Tinku
    Congrats on hitting the 6 months of blogging successfully.
    I am following you already
    fb: yummyfoods -priyas-virundhu
    pininterest: priya anandakumar
    subscribed to email:

    Happy hosting and happy blogging...

  3. Congrats Tinku,
    Happy hosting dear :)

  4. I have already liked your fb page and here's the posting announcement in my fb page

  5. I have not used networked blogs before let me check what it is, then will add...

  6. I am following you in networked blog...

  7. Hi dear... congrats... very lovely giveaway....
    Subscribed: YES -
    Google Plus Name:Vijayalakshmi dharmaraj
    Facebook Name:Virunthu unna vaanga Vijidharmaraj
    Pinterest Name: Vijayalakshmi dharmaraj
    The giveaway URL on your blog:

  8. Hi Tinku,
    Nice giveaway......
    Subscribes as:
    google plus: Sanoli Ghosh
    Facebook name: Sanoli Ghosh
    pinterest name: Sanoli Ghosh
    The giveaway url on my blog:
    published about your giveaway in my facebook page.
    Please check it.

  9. Subscribed: Yes
    Google Plus Name: Manjula bharath
    Facebook Name: Manjula kanted
    Pinterest Name: Manjula
    The giveaway URL on your blog:

  10. Subscribed Daily Chores -
    Following on Google Plus - Shey Divine
    Liked on Facebook - Sharanya Pathmanathan
    Mention about giveaway on Facebook -!/photo.php?fbid=157488501090099&set=a.119816911523925.21018.100004868500365&type=1&theater
    Pinned on Pinterest - sharanya pathmnathan
    Follow on Network Blog - Sharanya pathmanathan
    post about the giveaway-

    My Blog URL -

  11. Hi tinku...Congrats dear...Is ur event meant only for bloggers?

  12. Congrats Tinku for your achievment . You are having a long way to go................. keep blogging

    Already a follower of google plus , facebook page - sharanya palanisshami
    subscribed -
    pinterest - sharanya
    Networked blog - sharanya
    blog post url -

    1. hope i completed all , is it so tinku..........

    2. Yes Sharanya .. I will update the list of completed entries

  13. Hi Tinku!
    Nice event!!
    Congratulations on reaching your 1st milestone!
    Subscribed: Yes-
    Following on Google Plus:Sangeetha pn
    Liked on Facebook with name:Sangeetha Shreenidhi
    Joined via GFC with name:Sangu
    pinterest name:Sangeetha Shreenidhi
    Joined Networked blog with name:Sangeetha Shreenidhi
    Blogpost url:

    1. Also shared about the give away in my Facebook fan page :

  14. Hi Tinku,
    Congrats on completing six months.

    Following on Google Plus:Nayana
    Liked on Facebook with name:Nayana
    Joined via GFC with name:nayana
    pinterest name:nayana
    Joined Networked blog with name:nayana
    Shared the giveaway :

  15. Hi Tinku,
    Congrats on milestone.
    Subscribed: (Y/N) - Yes
    Email id -
    Google Plus Name: I don't have
    Facebook Name: Shailaja Reddy
    Pinterest Name:
    The giveaway URL on your blog:
    Shared on FB wall -

  16. Thanks Nayana and Shailaja

  17. Is it only for bloggers?

  18. No you can participate too.. because you are a non blogger, please tag 5 friends on FB instead of a blogpost

  19. Hi dear,

    first congrats on ur mile stone,wishes for more.

    Email subscription :
    facebook: babitha antony costa
    Google plus: babitha joe
    Networked blogs: babitha antony costa
    Pinterest : babithajcosta

    FB share :

    Blog post link :

    Think I have completed all steps.

  20. Hi Tinku!
    Nice event!!
    Congratulations on reaching your 1st milestone!
    Subscribed: Yes-
    Following on Google Plus:SaranyaBalaji
    Liked on Facebook with name:Saranya balaji20
    Joined via GFC with name:Saranyabalaji
    pinterest name:SaranyaBalaji
    Joined Networked blog with name:Saranyabalaji
    Blogpost url:

  21. hai dear,

    am I elgible ? I gave all details,did u get it?

  22. think u didn't get writing again,

    Subscribed email:
    Following on G+ :babitha joe
    Pinerest: babithajcosta
    Liked on FB: babitha antony costa
    Networked blogs: babitha antony costa
    GFC: babitha joe
    Shared on fb
    post link:

  23. @all thanks i will update the eligible participants after reviwing each entry manually.. kindly excuse for the delay ...

    @babitha ur eligible

  24. Hi Tinku :)

    Congratssss and Happy B'day blogging!!!! :) Thank you so much and glad to you followed me back :)

    Here are the rules in which I have done dear.

    Subscribed Email - Yes (
    Following you on G+ - Archana Vijay
    Pinterest - tangymindsachu
    Liked your Fb page as Archana Ramachandran
    Networked blog as login to my FB a/c as Archana Ramachandran
    GFC as Archana Vijay.
    Shared your giveaway in my FB timeline and tagged your fb page too. you ll see i shared it too.
    Blogpost URL:

    Hope Am qualified?

  25. hi tinku,

    Congrats your blog is going to be 6 months old..Yours is a simple and amazing blog with very delicious and easy to cook recipes...I have tried your vegetable pulao which was a really a delicious dish..I couldn't take the photos..Will send u when i prepare it next time dear...

    I am a non blogger..I would like to participate in your event..I have followed almost all your mandatory rules one by one..Please check it out..

    Subscribed: (Y/N) - id :
    Google Plus Name: Bini
    Facebook Name: bini basheer
    Pinterest Name: bini basheer
    The giveaway URL on your blog: I don't have a blog...Instead I have posted your event in my FB page.The link is

    Dear, Please let me know if that is enough for getting qualified...Hope u will.... Happy hosting and happy blogging dear...May god bless u...


  26. Hi Dear... Congrats ...
    Subscribed: YES -
    Google Plus Name: Tamilarasi Sasikumar
    Facebook Name: Tamilarasi sasikumar
    Shared on FB :
    Following on Network blog : Tamilarasi Sasikumar
    Pinterest Name: Tamilarasi Sasikumar
    Giveaway URL :
    Hope I'm done...
    Please let me know ....

  27. Hi Tinku,
    I just have a doubt, do we need to link in any recipes if so pls let me know. The rest I have already done and you have also verified...

    1. No linking recipes.. thank you

  28. Hi, its lovely event...Congratulations!!!!
    Subscribed: Yes
    Google+ name: Pooja Agrawal (
    Facebook name: Pooja Agrawal (Daily Swad Sugandh)
    Shared on facebook page: yes
    Giveaway Url in my blog:
    Followed network blog
    Don't have account on pintrest


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