Garlic Noodles

Garlic Noodles

Garlic Noodles

Chinese dishes are my all time favorite and this white noodles is the one thing I order always during my restaurant visits. I make them often too. And I can never cook anything without garlic. I am a garlic addict. So I tried a combo of both white noodles in garlic flavor. If your a garlic lover like me then this is a dish you should never miss out.


White noodles- 2 packs
Garlic- 25 pods
Green Chilly- 1
Pepper- 1 tbsp
Cabbage- 1 cup shredded
Salt- for vegetables
Water+ salt- to boil noodles
Oil- 3 tbsp


Garlic Noodles

Garlic Noodles
  • Chop onions, cabbage and capsicum.
  • Crush garlic by just inching them in a pulse mode in a mixer grinder.
  • Boil excess water with salt, when its boiling vigorously add noodles (1 pack at a time) for 5 minutes and drain.
  • Wash the cooked noodles under cold water and drain.
  • Heat oil in a kadai.
  • Add garlic and green chilly fry them till garlic is completely roasted.
  • Add onion, cabbage, capsicum salt and fry till veggies are crispy and crunchy.
  • Add pepper and noodles and mix well.
  • Serve hot with tomato ketchup and gobi manchurian.
Garlic Noodles

Points to be noted:

  • Cook noodles for the time mentioned on the pack only.
  • Use excess water in a wide bowl for uniform cooking.
  • Wash noodles in cold water to prevent it from sticking to eachother.
  • Garlic should be crushed. 
  • If you make it in the form of a paste your flavor will be very pungent and too hot for kids.


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