Quick Dhall Payasam

Quick Dhall Payasam

Quick Dhall Payasam

It was a lazy Sunday evening that I wanted to have something sweet and there was nothing sweet ready to eat with me. I was wondering what could I make easily. Finally the idea of making a payasam stuck my mind as I had coconut shredded always stocked up in my freezer. I made this in 15 minutes and most of the time was cooking, not much to do. Hope you will like it too just as I did.


Thoor Dhall- 1 cup
Coconut milk- 4 cups
Elachi powder- 1 tsp
Sugar-2.5 cups
Ghee half cup
Salt- a pinch


Quick Dhall Payasam

Quick Dhall Payasam
  • Pressure cook dhall and mash it well.
  • Heat a heavy pan with ghee.
  • Add dhall, coconut milk and let it boil (20 minutes).
  • Add sugar and stir for another 10 minutes.
  • Add elachi powder and put off the stove.
  • Serve in bowls. Yummy payasam ready.
  • Add some fried coconut pieces for extra taste
Quick Dhall Payasam
Points to be Noted:
  • Dhall should be well cooked and mashed for a tasty payasam.
  • If you dhall is cooked but not mushy, cool it down and run through the mixture grinder. Its ok if it becomes a paste.
  • Instead of adding fried coconut pieces you can add fried cashews and dry grapes too.


  1. very easy and fast. appreciate if u visit me too.

  2. Very healthy and nutritious payasam.

  3. Awesome recipe... But Payasam is not consider in street food


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