Tender Coconut Dosa

Tender Coconut Dosa

Tender Coconut Dosa

This is my grandma's special dish. She makes this often and we all love it. It goes great with hot chutney like onion chutney, red chilli chutney, garlic chutney. And this is instant dosa, there is no fermentation required.


Rice- 2 cups
Tender coconut- 1 cup
Jeera- 2 tbsp
Tender coconut water- 1 cup
Salt as per taste


Tender Coconut Dosa

Tender Coconut Dosa
  • Soak rice for 2 hours, wash and drain water and keep aside.
  • Grind together tender coconut, rice, jeera, tender coconut water and little water to make a smooth paste.
  • Add salt and mix well.
  • Heat a tawa and pour batter and spread as a circle.
  • Pour oil and let it cook. 
  • Turn aroung the dosa and let the other side cook too.
  • Serve hot with your favorite chutney.
  • TIP: This dosa tends to harden soon hence don't let the dosa become crisp. It should be soft.
Tender Coconut Dosa


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Suchi. Its really yummy dosa do try.

  2. lovely and tempting new way of dosa.

  3. Very interesting. Looks tempting too. I have never come across this type of a dosa.


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