French Fries

French Fries - Home Made

French Fries - Home Made

This is everybody's favorite. This recipe is so simple and is a weekly dish at my home too. There is no restaurant visit without ordering this. Now that my toddler has got his pearls he is tasting this too. I plan to make this often for him.


Potato- 4
Oil- for deep frying
Water for blanching
Salt- 1 tbsp
Chilli Powder- for seasoning


French Fries - Home Made

French Fries - Home Made

  • Peel potatoes and cut them lengthwise as shown in the picture.
  • Allow water to boil, add salt and put the potato strips.
  • Let them blanch.
  • Place the blanced potatoes on a kitchen towel to absorb excess water.
  • Heat oil in a kadai and deep fry french fries.
  • Remove from oil and season with chilli powder or pepper.
  • Serve with tomato ketchup.
French Fries - Home Made
Points to be Noted:
  • Potaoes that are lond are well suited for this recipe.
  • Blanching is mandatory or you will end up eating uncooked ones.
  • While blanching add salt.


  1. love french fries a lot :) yours look nice and crispy tempting me :) happy to follow you :) chk my blog when get time :)

  2. Delicious... Oh these are everyones favourite...


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