Apples Merge

My home is always filled with traditional food and cooking. It was this way during my childhood too. My mom, amma (grandma!) cooks very well but they cook only what they are used too. They are very skeptical towards cooking something new or even by the thought of cooking something new. Well! we always had maids at home and I personally always thought cooking was a very difficult and tedious process. I have heard n number of times about my cousins being asked about their expertise in cooking if they were on their way to get married.

But now, when I began cooking I feel cooking is easy and a wonderful art. I make many dishes day in and day out and I just love it. I also love to create new recipes, try best ones and inspire from others cooking. One such combo which I read somewhere about fruit cock tails was this. I made salad with mixed fruits and they let out water (juice) when kept still. I used to drink the juice and enjoyed the flavor blast contributed from each one of them. I was reading through Mallika Badrinath fruit juices book, I saw many combination of fruit juices, vegetable juices. I then thought why not a fruit combo with what was available at home that day. It was apples and pineapples. Tried a combo of these blend of apples merge and it was really yum (no kidding!)

I also plan to try few more cocktails like this. Do let me know if you have hit recipes of fruit or vegetable cocktails which you stumbled upon. I would love to hear it and try it out too.

Ingredients for apples merge:

Apples- 1 cup
Pineapple- 1 cup
Water 1 cup
Sugar- 1 cup
Lemon juice- 2 to 3 drops
Salt- a pinch
Ice cubes-  as required.

Method of making apples merge:

Prepare pineapple cubes by removing its crown, outer skin and center core.
The pineapple used should be sweet, firm and ripe. Cut it into cubes.
Remove core and seeds from apple cut them into cubes.
Crush them well in a mixer grinder by inching and then add 1 cup of cold water and blend at slow speed.  
Strain the blended mixture in a big eyed filter.
Put the juice back to the jar and add lemon juice, salt and blend along with ice cubes for 30 sec.
Serve apples merge cold in glasses and garnish it with mint leaves.

Note: Honey or sugar quantity can be altered based on the taste preferred.


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