Apple Soda


Cold water- ¼ cup 
Soda-1 bottle (250ml) (Optional)
Salt-a pinch
Lemon juice-3 drops
Crushed ice cubes- as required


Peel Apple, remove core with seeds, cut it into cubes.
Place it in the big jar and inch till apple gets crushed.
Add water and blend with sugar till smooth.
Strain it in a filter. Add Lemon juice and salt to the juice and mix well.
Now fill half of the glass with juice and add soda to the same glass till the brim and serve immediately.
·         Overcomes anorexia, heals diarrhea, maintains fluid balance.

Paleo Girl

Tinku Shaji holds a bachelor of engineering in food engineering whose major interest is developing new recipes, food styling and food photography.

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