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60 days Challenge

Announcing 60 days of sugar free and fat fried free challenge.

Hello food bloggers

This is a personal and social initiative taken to just cleanse and stay fit. We as bloggers are prone to cook some delicious high sugar high calorie dishes often and putting ourselves and our family under high risk of obesity and other health related issues.

Is this justifiable.?.
For me its not. Hence I am putting up this 60 days challenge of no sugar and no deep fried foods in our diet (including) family members.
This is to refresh our health and feel better. Lets be healthy food bloggers.

I am calling for bloggers to join this challenge for mutual motivation and a cleansing mode for our family.

Rules for Challenge:

  1. For 60 days no sugar in any form. 
  2. No alternate sweetners allowed. (eg. honey, jaggery, brown sugar, palm sugar etc,.)
  3. Only fresh fruits are allowed for consumption.
  4. Canned fruits, jams, marmalades, syrup coated fruits, sweets, cakes,muffins are all prohibited for consumption.
  5. No deep fried foods are allowed.
  6. Try to use minium oil for stir fry and seasoning.
  7. Even for kids you should stay strict with this rule.
Rules for participation:
  1. Post picture of the days breakfast, lunch, dinner in your blog with link to recipes in your blog itself. (if the recipe you post is not in your blog you can post it.)
  2. Post the picture for all 60 days.
  3. Use the above logo with the link to this post to spread the awareness.
  1. you will feel light and fresh.
  2. probably shed few kgs.
  3. Lose a couple of inches.
  4. Feel young and beautiful from inside and outside..
  5. A healthy you and a healthy family.
  6. Control over emotions and have better sleep.
  7. Get over sugar cravings.
The contest begins from Aug 15 2014 and ends on 13th october 2014. 

To join this contest leave a comment below. Name and blog url.

If you miss even a single day you will lose. Let live long live healthy.

You can post interesting healthy recipes for the healthy challenge and share it with fellow bloggers too.

For suggesions, queries, doubts leave a comment below and I will get back to you shortly.

Spicy Brinjal Masala

Spicy Brinjal Masala

Spicy Brinjal Masala

Crunchy tiny pieces of Brinjal drenched in spicy masala. A great combo for roti or rice. Kids would love them too.