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Mushroom Biriyani

Mushroom Biriyani

Mushroom Biriyani

Spicy Mushroom Biriyani with Chilly Gobi is the special vegetarian combo you would love to make for a special lunch and for kids.

Egg Coated Broccoli Stir Fry

Egg Coated Broccoli Stir Fry

 Egg Coated Broccoli Stir Fry

I love Broccoli so much and I make the Broccoli Capsicum Stir Fry most often. The egg coated broccoli is loved by my little one. I love to have broccoli at big chunks and hence I cook that way. Always blanch broccoli, throw away the blanched water and then use the blanched broccoli's for cooking.

Reena and The Baby Squirrel

Reena is a tiny girl aged 4. She was living with her father and step mother. Reena's father was a fruit vendor and sells fruits at the market. He leaves in the morning and gets back home pretty late.

Her step mother was behaving kind to Reena in the presence of her father but otherwise she treated Reena like a servant.

She was forced to do house chores. Her tiny hands could not even hold a vessel but she was forced to lift pots with water. Wash clothes, clean the dishes.

It so happened that one day Reena was having fever but her step mother assigned her too many works outside the house and locked the house and left to a wedding.

Tired and hungry Reena was staring at the backyard which was filled with clothes to be washed, dishes to be cleaned, a broom to clean the floor and some old porridge to fill her tummy.

She was having a mild fever and she wanted to lie down somewhere but the shady places were wet and the dry places were sunny.Soon she stared into the window where her mothers picture was hanging, her eyes filled with tears.

Suddenly something fell from the top of the tree. It was moving too. She went nearby to see what it was. It was a baby squirrel. She was scarred to touch it, she looked above and found no other squirrels near by. She then dumped the clothes on the floor and put it in an empty bucket. She also gave some porridge to it. The baby squirrel was hurt and could not move because of the fall.

When her step mother returned she was horrified to see unwashed clothes and whipped Reena very badly. Reena explained her about the squirrel but her stepmother insisted her to throw it away. The stepmother felt the squirrel was yucky to touch. Reena with pain gently lifeted the squirrels and put it near the tree. She kept the baby squirrel in a hidden place to avoid any cats or crows hurting the baby squirrel.

Next day she saw the squirrel missing, she was worried. She kept some water and porridge and waited for the baby squirrel. That is when she saw the adult squirrels came down to feed on the porridge. She watched them closely to find the baby squirrel in the nest. She felt relieved and happy. Soon she heard her step mother shouting.

She then hurriedly took the clothes and began her washing.She then followed the same procedure daily and had many birds and squirrels as friends.

Later after a week the step mother had guests from her house. The step mother was very delighted and was preparing some sweets for her guests. She was alone at home and Reena was sent to shop to buy some groceries. Suddenly the step mother slipped the dish from her hand containing hot sugar syrup which fell on her body and she was burning in pain.

She shouted aloud but no one was nearby to hear her voice. The birds and squirrels were waiting for Reena and they saw the step mother dying in pain. They rushed to the market and Reena was shocked to see them there. The birds and squirrels were restless and Reena understood something was wrong. She rushed home to see her step mother groan in pain, she rushed to call her father and they all rushed her to the hospital.

The doctor said the burns were so deep and she had to be cleaned and taken care of so well else infection can happen that would kill her.

The father had to go to market to earn their daily bread, the step mothers guest (who are her sister, aunt, mother) just ignored the responsibility to care for her. Reena boldly came up to take care of her step mother.
With no other choice, stepmother was bought home and made to lie on the banana leaf. Her injuries were so bad and deep. Reena without any hesitation cleaned her stepmothers wounds and told her stories about her friends the squirrels and birds. The Stepmother cried, her heart melted for Reena.
She understood her mistake and her cruelty towards Reena. Slowly she recovered from her wounds and regained her mobility.

She then took care of Reena so well, bought her good clothes and played with her. She also changed her attitude towards birds, animals and would feed them with food and water daily. 

Little Reena was an inspiration to her step mother to respect and befriend nature. Now Little Reena is enrolled to school and happily enjoying her childhood. Thanks to Kissan.

This contest is an entry to "Natures Friends" contest by Kissan in association with Indiblogger.