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COCOBAÉ, has been started by a devoted team of chocolatiers on an endeavour to deliver chocolates and freshly baked products to everyone: anywhere and anytime. The unique selling point of COCOBAÉ is the wide range of imported chocolates, macarons, mocha test tubes, marshmallows etc. that is makes accessible to its customers. They no longer have to wait for their relatives from abroad or international travels to dig in these delicious chocolates.

COCOBAÉ endeavors to become the India’s Online First Market Place for Gourmet Foods. It aims to provide a platform to rising or well-established entrepreneurs to sell their products on our website, under their brand name, all across India. The hassles of sales, delivery, payment and marketing will be taken care by us.

With it's website open for sales and a rising social media reach, COCOBAÉ is well on it's way to fulfill it's vision. A company young at heart with a deep love of cocoa at heart, our mantra “LA VIE EN CHOCOLAT” clearly tells it all.

An Interesting Fact - Chocolate tycoon ‘Milton Hershey’ canceled his reservations for the Titanic due to last minute business matters.

Mint Lemon Chicken Biriyani

The mint lemon chicken biriyani:

Biriyani is the most preferred food for many. There are several versions of biriyani and in Tamil Nadu itself there are many signature recipes for biriyani like the thalapakatti chicken biriyani, ambur chicken biriyani, chetinad chicken biriyani, vaniyampatti chicken biriyani. Like all I love biriyani too and have a huge list of collections on my website itself.

In Tamilnadu, chicken biriyani is one pot meal where rice is cooked with masala and chicken. In other places, chicken is cooked with masala and layered with rice. I love the one pot meal version. The mint lemon biriyani is a similar one too.

A trip to remember

The havoc created during the wee hours in a home is uncontrollable. The rush, the time consciousness, the loudness and the 1000 times gaze to the wall clock.. Yup! You guessed it right, I am talking about the energetic morning hours where we all run and hush up our kids with just the same words “Its time, we are late, Hurry!”. The same phrase during wake up, bath, food, dressing up and while driving too!

The moment we reach office, office would look so calm and peaceful. The hot chai served at the table is a blessing, the first sip really means a lot.

My home has similar scenes in the morning, my son (4 year old), would say “I am hurrying, its late” before I tell him. Sometimes I feel pity for him! The only day off for the whole busy week is already packed with schedules too like shopping, chopping, moping etc,.